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Sermon Conclusions People Remember | Season 2, Episode 5

In this episode of Hello Church! you’ll learn several prompts or filters you can use to inspect your conclusion and move forward with your sermon in confidence, knowing that when your message is preached people will be inspired to follow Jesus in new and transformational ways.

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Four Things Most Sermons are Missing

Most sermons are missing a clear action step. Without this step, people will forget what they’ve heard. Your sermon needs a boring title and three other elements to stay relevant and have an impact.

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How Pastors Can Overcome Writer's Block

How Pastors Can Overcome Writer’s Block

In this resource, we will offer twenty-one strategies for overcoming writer’s block. We don’t recommend trying all these at once, though! Choose two or three that seem interesting and give them a shot when preparing your next piece of writing.

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Time Saving Tips for Busy Pastors

As a pastor, you’re always busy. You take care of staff, programs, and events, deal with emergencies as they come up, and officiate at weddings or funerals. If you’re bivocational, it goes without saying that time is even tighter. So here are some tips you can start applying today to really see your productivity increase!

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