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How Pastors Can Overcome Writer's Block

How Pastors Can Overcome Writer’s Block

In this resource, we will offer twenty-one strategies for overcoming writer’s block. We don’t recommend trying all these at once, though! Choose two or three that seem interesting and give them a shot when preparing your next piece of writing.

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Time Saving Tips for Busy Pastors

As a pastor, you’re always busy. You take care of staff, programs, and events, deal with emergencies as they come up, and officiate at weddings or funerals. If you’re bivocational, it goes without saying that time is even tighter. So here are some tips you can start applying today to really see your productivity increase!

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Practical Tips for Public Speaking

For this episode of the Sermonary podcast, Josh Taylor sat down with Jack Hestar, the Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church to cover six tips for improving your public speaking during your sermons!

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A Guide to Outlining a Sermon

The sermon outline is your secret weapon in sermon preparation. If you love to preach but struggle with creating solid outlines, this post will help you understand the importance of a sermon outline and give you more confidence in the outlining process.

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5 Best Practices When Using Commentaries in Your Sermon Preparation with Kyle Beshears

Kyle Beshears is a teaching pastor in Mobile, Alabama, and the author of the recent book Apatheism: How We Share When They Don’t Care, which will help you understand how to approach your apathetic neighbors with the gospel. He’s also one of the best researchers we know, which is why Josh invited him to talk about today’s topic- best practices when preaching using commentaries!

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Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

As you make plans to make Father’s Day special, don’t forget about your sermon. If you’re not sure what topic to preach, here are some Father’s Day sermon ideas to help.

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