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Sermon Templates

6 sermon templates to help you at the start of your sermon

Traditional 3-point sermon template

Traditional 3-point Sermon Template

This is a traditional three-point sermon template. Each point includes explanation, illustration, and application blocks.

Verse-by-Verse Running Commentary

This template is designed to help pastors work verse-by-verse through their text. Included are blocks for illustrations and application.

Verse-by-verse sermon template

Me-We-God-You-We Method

Created by Andy Stanley, this preaching outline uses a simple formula to communicate the text’s big idea in a conversational manner.

The Defender's Outline

Work through this template when using apologetics to teach or defend a tenet of the Christian faith.

Defenders Template
Children's Leader Sermon Template

The Children's Leader

This template, designed for children’s leaders, will help kids understand and apply the teachings of Scripture.

The Youth Pastor

This template is designed to help youth leaders communicate the Bible in a way that’s both creative and applicable for teenagers.

Yout Pastor sermon template

Event Templates

4 event templates to help you for special occasions

Sermon event templates



Baby dedications


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