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7 Things You Need To Know Before You Plant A Church

John Stange is a writer and pastor (his book, Dwell On These Things, comes out in May), but he’s also a church planter who mentors other church planters. Josh Taylor from our team sat down with him to discuss 7 things you should know before planting your own church.

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Easter Sermon Ideas

Easter Sunday is the highest attended Sunday of the year for many churches. Churches across America have the chance to speak to people who might not think about church any other time of the year. Because your church has the opportunity to reach many new people this Easter, your sermon topic should reflect that opportunity. If you haven’t decided what to preach this Easter, check out these ideas.

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Ideas for Mother’s Day Sermons

For many churches, Mother’s Day is one of the highest attended Sundays of the year. Use your sermon this Mother’s Day to share hope, encouragement, and wisdom from Scripture. Wondering what to preach this Mother’s Day? Choose one of these Mother’s Day sermon topics.

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3 Reasons Why Pastors Should Use Commentaries

In addition to the non-negotiable primary source that is the foundation for every sermon, you as a pastor should consult the writings of other scholars/thinkers who, like yourself, have wrestled with the Scriptures. In other words, you should use commentaries. Here are 3 reasons why:

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How To Lead A Successful Board Meeting

Pastors are often responsible for many areas of church ministry. Preaching, discipling, and, among other things, leading board meetings. Next time you’re called on to lead a board meeting (or any meeting, for that matter), use these tips to run the meeting in a way that honors board members’ time and expertise.

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