Getting Started: How to Use Distraction Free Writing Mode

In this article you’ll learn how to use the Distraction Free Writing feature! View the screenshots and details below for more information.

Many pastors love looking at a blank screen and writing from scratch. For those of you who are freewriters, we’ve created Distraction Free Writing Mode, which gives you a simple blank page, providing you the opportunity to just type away. (This process only works with our Classic Editor.)


Accessing Distraction Free Writing Mode is an easy process. To start, simply click the sermon you wish to work on, or create a new sermon using our Classic Editor. Scroll down to the section that says Write Your Sermon, and click the double-sided arrow in the top right corner. This will take you into Full Screen Mode and allow for a clean writing slate. When finished, press the double-sided arrows once more to minimize your screen, scroll to the top, and press the blue Save Sermon button to save your sermon to your Library.