Getting Started: How to Switch Editors

In this article you’ll learn how to switch between editors! Read the information below for more details.

Sermonary offers two ways to write your sermon: Standard Editor and our preferred Sermonary Editor. For a particular sermon, however, you may decide to switch Editors, depending on the demands of the message—and we’ve given you an easy way to accomplish this task! Whether you want to go from Block Mode to Standard Mode or vice versa, this simple process works both ways and should only take a few seconds:


Begin by selecting the sermon you wish to work on. Whether you’re in our Standard Editor or Sermonary Editor, at the top of the page you will see a gear icon located to the left of the Save Sermon option. Press the icon, then select the very first option on the menu that appears to the right, which will say either Switch to Block Editor or Switch to Standard Editor, depending on which editor you are currently in. You will then be directed to the new Editor and can begin writing your sermon in the new Mode!