Getting Started: How to Add Sermon Illustrations

In this article you’ll learn how to add sermon illustrations! Read the information below for more details.


Adding Sermon Illustrations to your sermon is easy! To view Sermon Illustrations, in your Dashboard simply click on Resources located on the left side of the screen. Then select Sermon Illustrations to view our entire archive of various Sermon Illustrations. Click on the Sermon Illustration of your choosing and add it to your library. Note that adding a particular Illustration to your library does not mean you have to use it immediately, but it will be archived in your library to be used when needed. To add Illustrations, select the Sermon you’d like to add the Illustration too. Scroll down to your block editor and select the addition icon followed by selecting the blue Illustration option. To add the Illustration you want, make sure the Import from Library option is selected and select Choose Illustration. Press Done and your Illustration will be ready to use in your Sermon!