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Coming Soon to Sermonary: Your New Go-to Source for Sermon Writing Wisdom

Sermonary has a simple goal: We want to help preachers write sermons more effectively and efficiently.

One way we’re doing this is through our brand new web platform, which we created as a handy resource for sermon construction, delivery, and storage. It’s clean. It’s customizable. It’s intuitive. And it’s designed by preachers, with preachers in mind. We think it’s going to be your new favorite way to write.

But that’s not all. We don’t just want to give preachers the tools they need to write better sermons. We also want to equip them with the practical insights and time-tested know-how they need to use those tools well.

That’s where the Sermonary blog comes in. Starting next week, we’ll begin featuring weekly posts from pastors, authors, professors, and experienced sermon writers who will address the “rubber-meets-the-road” questions that sermon writers like you ask.

Stuck on getting your outline off the ground? We’ll help you get unstuck.

Looking for a fresh way to approach introductions? We’ll hook you up with new methods for capturing your audience’s attention.

Wondering how to revamp your writing process? We’ll have some game-changing tricks that will reinvigorate your sermon prep.

Our focus won’t be on pragmatics alone, either: We want to help you think about the theory behind the practices that inform good sermon writing. We won’t just ask what makes a good application, for instance—we’ll also think about why application matters in the first place.

Our goal, in other words, is to take the questions that sermon writers like you have always asked (and the questions that you never thought to ask) and provide clear, thoughtful, helpful responses—all in the name of equipping you to share God’s Word with those who have ears to hear.

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Do you have suggestions for topics that you’d like to see us cover? Or are you interested in contributing yourself? Send your questions and queries to editor@sermonary.co.

We can’t wait to become your go-to sermon writing resource. Let’s work together to take the hassle out of sermon prep so you can focus on the ministry that matters most: Sharing the good news of a good God with a lost and longing world.

— The Sermonary Team