10 Summer Sermon Series Ideas

Summer church attendance tends to be lower than the rest of the year. Instead of giving in to the “summer slump,” what if churches used the opportunity to reach out and connect with new people in the community? If your church is ready to reach more people this summer, consider a unique summer sermon series. Here are some ideas:

Connect With Culture

Many churches preach about popular movies or other media over the summer. Pick a type of media (such as movies, music, books, or TV shows) or mix it up with a combination of popular media. Every weekend, unpack the messages in the media and how they align with Biblical values. Talk about what people can learn about God and faith from the media.

Sermon series like this are a great way to connect with people who have never attended church before. It’s easier to show up on a Sunday if the sermon is going to be about your favorite movie. Take it to the next level by hosting a family movie night showing one of the movies you’ll be preaching about, or start a book club around one of the books you’re covering. Use these outreach events and groups as ways to connect with your community.

Summer Baggage Summer Sermon Series Graphic

Summer Baggage

This four-week series uncovers some of the heaviest baggage we carry and invites us to exchange it for the peace Jesus offers. We learn that our luggage is often filled with emotions we might be unaware we feel, but God invites us to release the burdens and trust him to restore our brokenness and help us experience the freedom he offers.
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Topic from Scripture

What does God say about fear? Faithfulness? Grace? Let this summer be wrapped around a Biblical theme. For example, this summer could be the “Summer of Faithfulness” where you lead your congregation through an explanation of God’s past faithfulness in Scripture, His present faithfulness, and His future faithfulness to us. Choose a topic from Scripture and shape your summer series around it. Make sure you make the sermons practical, so people walk away knowing how your summer topic intersects with their daily lives.  

Take this to the next level (and give your teaching team some time off) by finding guest speakers to speak on the topic each week. Your congregation will get to hear from people with different life experiences, different ministry experiences, and different perspectives. 

Summer Love

Far too often, when we talk about “Summer Love,” there is the imagery of a fleeting love that can be lost at any moment. God’s love and his producing of that very love in our lives for others is far better and deeper than the alternatives typically presented. This four-week series will examine some of the ways we can understand God’s love better so that we can live a life that reflects this love.
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Passage of Scripture

Choose a section of Scripture, such as a few books from the Old Testament or New Testament, and preach through it over the summer. Allow God to shape the direction you take. Tell your congregation a story (for example, the story of King David) and encourage them to come back every week to hear the next part of the story. At the end of the summer, wrap up with a summary of the story.

Take this to the next level by coordinating your kids and youth curriculum to match your sermon series. Let families walk through the story together, encouraging them to discuss their thoughts throughout the week.

Summer Slump

This four-week series captures the attention of those who are feeling the heaviness of the summer, whether due to social upheaval, the responsibilities that increase as the help decreases, the stress of keeping up with the family down the street and their big summer vacation, or past experience of difficult summers. We will meet some people from the Bible who have fallen into a slump, and then see how God meets them in their lowest moments.
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Parables of Jesus

This summer, explore the parables of Jesus. Focus on a different parable each week, sharing the story, explanation, and application points. To take this to the next level, preach to all five senses. Create an immersive atmosphere and use illustrations that allow people to experience the story and imagine what it would have been like to live it.

Summer Playlist

During the summer, students often meet new challenges. Life changes. New friends come, and old friends go. How does the Bible speak to the emotions we routinely face throughout life? This four-week youth series (each week highlighting a different emotion in a psalm) helps students bring their feelings and experiences to God.
Check out this resource in our Sermonary sermon resource library!

Culturally Relevant Topic

In 2020, words like “pivot” and “unprecedented” gained popularity like never before. Take a look at what the culture is talking about and shape a sermon series around it. For example, after a year like 2020, a sermon series about the fact that God is not surprised by events, or a series about trusting God in the unknown, would connect with people in their day-to-day lives and emotions. Pull a concept from culture and show people how Jesus is the answer.

What Does The Bible Say About…

Another great way to connect with new visitors over the summer is to preach a sermon series about popular issues. What does the Bible say about finances? Relationships? Marriage? Parenting? Work? Or, answer hard questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? What happens when I die? What is my purpose? Does God love me?

By addressing issues that are already on people’s hearts and minds, you’re opening the door to start conversations and connections in your community.