10 Best Apps For Pastors in 2020

Looking for a way to organize your task list? A better way to communicate with your team? 

Whether you’re writing a sermon, recording a video for the weekend, or looking to free up some time, this list is about to be your best friend.

We’ve searched, scoured, and sourced the best and most effective apps that will help you do what you do best, even better.



A total game changer when it comes to maximizing and repurposing content. Rev takes your sermon audio file (which you can upload or simply enter a URL) and converts it to a txt file. You can repurpose your txt files for blog posts, social media captions, etc…

You can also easily add closed captioning. A survey done by Publicis media found that a whopping 92% of viewers watched videos with the sound off. Which means adding captions could be the difference between someone watching your video or simply scrolling on by.

Price: $1 p/ minute



Notion defines themselves as a collaborative tool for notes, tasks, and wikis. If you’re tired of toggling between all your project management tools, give Notion a go. Notion utilizes kanban boards, calendars, spreadsheets, databases, and collaborative tools all in the same space. 

But perhaps the best feature is the myriad of templates to choose from. From meeting notes to a content calendar to a mood board, Notion provides the structure you need to move the ball forward without all the hassle of multiple tools.

Save your sanity and use a calendar.

Price: Free for an unlimited number of users, guests but limited file upload. 



We may be a bit biased, but Sermonary has our hearts. Sermonary is designed by pastors for pastors. Writing a weekend message is a pillar of your job, and Sermonary will help you build your message more efficiently by writing, presenting, and storing them on a single platform. 

Sermonary features a drag and drop builder, outline templates, a slide creator, an ideas archive, and an illustrations library to design your sermon for the stage, not just the page. 

By breaking your message down into manageable chunks, you’ll be able to write in a better and more effective way. But you don’t have just trust us, try it FREE for your first 2 weeks. 

Price: Free 14 Day trial



If there was ever an app designed for Pastors that didn’t know it, this is it.  The Just Record App allows you to voice record with ease by using a Siri shortcut, a lockscreen widget, or within the app itself. 

Recordings are auto added to iCloud to be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

You can even edit your audio recordings and turn them into searchable text.

Sermon. Goldmine. 

Price: $4.99



The visual appeal combined with incredible functionality has millions of users flocking to Trello.

As of last summer, Trello was averaging 150,000 new users per week. 

Trello at its core is a digital Kanban board but they don’t stop there. Trello features the ability to schedule tasks, assign projects, create lists, and collaborate with your team all within each individual card.

You can also have guests so your staff can view progress on designated projects or events without having to pay for them as a subscriber.

Price: Free for 1-10 users (extra features for paying subscribers), $3.75 / user for the Gold plan



Slack allows you to consolidate where you communicate. 

We’ve all been there. The drive-by reminder, the casual mention of a deadline, the email, the text, and the occasional Facebook message. It can be difficult to remember who said what and where with so many ways to pass information.

Slack consolidates all of those channels into one easy to find place.

And with over 1,500 apps you can integrate, Slack will plug in seamlessly with your current workflow.

Price: Free version gives you With 10k searchable messages, 10 apps and integrations, 1-to-1 video calls, and two-factor authentication



Dwell isn’t your average audio Bible. With six different voices / vibes to choose from, Dwell can turn even the boring bits of scripture into a compelling narrative. You can switch voices and music on the fly without losing your place, choose themed playlists to help you explore scripture, or just pick a book and dive in. 

An app store review called Dwell the “Spotify of Bible listening” making this app a must have for 2020.

Price: 7 day FREE trial, $29.99/year or $149.99 lifetime



PromptSmart is a Teleprompter app, but it’s not just ANY teleprompter app. A feature that sets PromptSmart apart is its voice tracking capabilities. 

Rather than constantly adjusting teleprompter speeds to find that sweet spot, PromptSmart follows and scrolls along with your voice, so no more long pauses or rushing to get to the next line. 

The pro version allows for a mirror invert text display or selfie mode so whatever your setup, PromptSmart has what you need.

Price: $19.99 for the Pro version



Phone calls are a necessary and pivotal part of ministry. 

Spam calls are not. Ever. For anyone. 

Use an app like Robokiller  to save your time and your sanity by eliminating those pesky spam calls so you can focus on the important conversations.

Price: $3.99/month or $29.99/year


For most of us, getting lost in the attention grabbing world of social media or news is a major time sucker. You can limit your daily app time by setting app limits, and all this through your own phone. 

To access it, go to Settings —> Screen Time —> App Limits.

Make sure your time is being spent on what you want it to be spent on. 

P.S. Obviously this is for iPhone users only. If you have an android, well…sorry you have an android.

Price: FREE 

Have one you’d like to add? Leave it in the comments below!